PPILOW representatives will attend numerous conferences, workshops, and fairs; during these events, the latest project developments, progresses and results will be presented to the audience.


  1. 6th International Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-6), in Selçuk (Ephesus) Izmir (Turkey, 15th -16th October 2020). USAMV presentation: “In vitro age dependent cell-mediated responses to antimicrobial plant extracts in free range mangalitza pigs”.
  2. 19th International Conference Life Sciences for Sustainable Development in Cluj-Napoca (Romania, 24th -25th September 2020). USAMV presentations: 1) “Swine parasitic profile from a free-range in the Transylvania area”; 2) “Skin bacteriomeand its resistance to antibiotics in free range pigs”; 3) “Antiparasitic action of lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus bulgaricus strain in CD-1 mice experimentally infected with trichinellaspp” . Moreover two posters were presented: 1) “Bactericidal capacity of serum in pigs subsequent to hipopphae rhamnoidestreatment”; 2)  “Swine parasitic profile from a free-range farm in the Transylvania area”.


  1. Conference Organic Innovation Daysin Brussels (Belgium, 3rd – 4th December 2019). ILVO represented PPILOW Consortium.
  2. Défis PHASE in Rennes (France, 6th – 8thNovember 2019). INRAE presented PPILOW project.  Moreover, a poster was presented.
  3. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions in Cremona (Italy, 28th-30th October 2019). AIAB presentation: “Benessere animale nei sistemi produttivi ovicoli e suinicoli a basso input e biologici” during the Workshop “The challenge of organic farming for sustainable livestock”.
  4. XXXIII Euragri Conference 2019 in Melle and Ghent (Belgium, 22nd -24st September 2019). Slowfood made an oral presentation: “Activism, philosophy, ideals and the right way to produce knowledge”. INRAE and ILVO presented a flyer: “PPILOW: Poultry and Pig Low input and Organic production systems’ Welfare”.
  5. Tech&Bio 2019 in Bourg-Lès-Valence (France, 18th -19st September 2019). AIAB, INRAE and ITAB presented leaflets and posters.