Peer-reviewed Publications

PPILOW will publish open access papers on peer reviewed journals.


  1. Review: What are the challenges facing the table egg industry in the next decades and what can be done to address them?. Gautron, S. Réhault-Gobert, T.G.H. Van de Braak, I. C. Dunn. Animal, Issue 15, Vol. 7, July 2021.
  2. Working for food is related to range use in free-range broiler chickens. V. H. Bessa Ferreira, A. Simoni, K. Germain, C. Leterrier, L. Lansade, A. Collin, S. Mignon-Grasteau, E. Le Bihan-Duval, E. Guettier, H. Leruste, L. Calandreau, V. Guesdon. Spinger Nature, 11, Article number: 6253 (2021), 2021.